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For oil majors and oil traders, Exploitatie B. V. has the capacity to store K1 to K4 class products, including fuel oil, gasoline, gasoline components, ethanol, methanol, gasoil and gasoil components. In Rotterdam, Exploitatie B. V. Minerals has dedicated facilities for its customers to ensure maximum logistics flexibility in blending to specification, heating and fast handling.


Exploitatie B. V. is certified to store and transport non-hazardous chemicals. Typical storage considerations such as temperature, ignition control, ventilation, segregation and identification are taken fully into account. Proper segregation is, of course, required to prevent incompatible materials inadvertently coming into contact.

The market of chemical products is growing

The market for mineral oil-based chemical products is rapidly evolving. Exploitatie B. V. is actively approaching this market to ascertain where there are benefits for both producers and users. All non-hazardous substances are managed in accordance with common health and safety regulations.


An aviation fuel storage tank is used to store civil jet fuels like Jet A and Jet A-1.

Jet A-1 fuel is suitable for use with most turbine engine aircraft. This kerosene grade fuel has a flash point above 38 Degrees C (100 Degrees F) and a freeze point maximum of -47 Degrees C.

Jet A fuel is very similar to Jet A-1 Fuel, but with slight differences. Jet A has a higher freeze point maximum of -40 Degrees C and these are our latest storage tanks. 

Biodiesel storage methods are not far removed from traditional diesel storage methods; however, there are some considerations for optimum fuel longevity and purity.

  • Six month viable storage life with proper precautions
  • Store in a moisture-free location away from heat and out of direct sunlight
  • If unable to store out of direct sunlight or warm weather; cover tanks with reflective tarp
  • To reduce fuel polymerization and oxidation, store in tightly sealed full tanks
  • Remove all moisture from tanks, as water promotes slime and bacteria growth and fuel degradation
  • Zinc and copper leech into biodiesel, causing impurities, so do not store fuel in tanks containing any amount of these metals

Exploitatie B. V. is an excellent partner for the storage and handling of base oils, both paraffinic and naphthenic. Exploitatie B. V. is able to store and blend all categories of base oils. All manipulations use dedicated pipelines and tanks.

For storage of small amounts of base oils and lubricants, please contact us. With enough tanks and in different sizes - ranging from 156 m³ to 6600 m³ - we always offer a solution to your storage problem.For all tanks takes automated volume and temperature measurement location.